Adoption Tips
General Dog Care
Dogs and Babies
Your Full Name and date of birth
House number, Street, City, State, and Zip
Home and Cell Phone and Email Address
List all adult household members
List all names and ages of children in the household
Are you in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single family?
Do you own or rent? If so provide contact information for landlord.
List all pets in the household, including type, age, health.
Have you ever given up a pet?
Are your pets spayed or neutered?
Agree to have your pet neutered/spayed and microchipped?
Does anyone in the household have pet allergies?
Name and phone number of your veterinarian.
Name and phone number of two (2) non-family member references.
What is the purpose of pet? Companionship? Security?
Name of Animal you wish to adopt
Agree to have the rescue run a background check on all household members?
If a dog, where will the dog sleep?
Does your home have a completely enclosed fence?
Do you agree to a home visit by our rescue?
If a cat, will the cat be an indoor cat?
How many hours a day will the pet be alone. Where will pet be kept when alone?
All questions must be answered truthfully and completely. No application will be considered if all questions are not answered or it is discovered that a question was not answered truthfully